Why does Moustafa Ismail continue to lie to the Public?


Forget about hard work and eating right, just buy some oil, and lift 40 pound weights! Yeah!


Why? It is so obvious to anyone that has 20/20 vision, that he is using Synthol or used motor oil from a Wal-Mart quick lube express. Hell, even Stevie Wonder can see that this guy is using oil! A few weeks ago, Mr.Ismail made a statement regarding his arms and a few medical tests. According to Mr.Ismail, he was given an ultrasound along with a blood test in Japan. As far as I know these examinations cannot and will not detect a susbstance like Synthol. What this man needs to do is go on a diet, and focus more on aerobic exercises. After seeing him shirtless, it is obvious that he is not a bodybuilder or a health nut. Another thing that I would like to add is that he is upset over the fact that people  do not believe that his arms are real. If anybody has seen the ABC news story, then you will know as to what I am talking about. You wanted to be in the public eye, so learn how to deal with the criticism, whether it is negative or positive. If you would like for all of the negativity to cease, then just come clean about your oil usage/abuse. If and when you decide to tell the truth, I will remove my two bit posts about you and your Synthol addiction. Peace!


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