Why the United States Postal Service is Failing!

From the closing of post offices, forcing employees to take an early retirement, and borrowing money from the Government, the USPS appears to be headed towards a downward spiral. So how did the United States Postal Service arrive at such a sorry point? Is it the bad customer service? Or is it the horrible mail delivery? I do not know! It is probably the horrible mail delivery service. Just recently, I received mail that should have been placed in another mail box.Now, this happens quite often. It really does. But here is the main problem, this piece of mail had an address located from miles and miles away. A similar incident also occurred in July of this year. There have also been times, where I have never received certain pieces of mail. It really is frustrating and scary, knowing that some stranger has your personal mail. You never know as to what a person can do with your personal info. There really is no excuse for these type of mistakes. Especially in these times, when identity theft is on the rise. To all of the postal carriers that are out and about, please take the time to read the address of each and every piece of mail that comes across your hands and eyes. Remember, people’s lives and futures are at steak! Do your job correctly for once in your mail carrying lives! Peace!


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