Memories of KVIA Channel 7:Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla (December 2003)

As far back as I can remember, a lot of people have entered and exited the doors of KVIA Channel 7 for the longest of time. Two people that I remember very well are Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla. Why I remember them so very well is beyond me. Well, sometime around late 2003, Estella Casas took maternity leave to have her 90th child. Her fill in was the super pale but cute, Myrna Membrilla. Well, one night in late December of 2003, Myrna was anchoring the 10pm newscast, and Ty Shesky was doing the weather. Close to the end of that newscast, Myrna Membrilla looked directly at Ty Shesky, and tried to engage him in a conversation. If anybody remembers Ty, he was a huge awkward super dorky guy. It was very close to Christmas time, and Myrna asked Ty if he would accompany her on a Christmas shopping trip. Ty’s response was unforgettable and hilarious. This is his response verbatim, “Christmas shopping? No, no thank you, I already have  a girlfriend.” The funny thing is that Myrna was just making small talk, and Ty thought she was being serious. You have to see the video of their interaction. It is hilarious. Me writing about it, does not do it any justice. If you happen to stumble upon this video, upload it to YouTube! Please! Imagine Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla dating?  Peace!



  1. Ever think of it this way? Maybe I was suggesting to Myrna that my girlfriend was going to be dragging me along to enough department stores already. The last thing I needed was to do more shopping. But I agree that I was — and still can be at times — pretty awkward with anchor interaction. Glad to know you got a laugh out of it! If I ever do come across the video of that incident, I will be sure to let you know.

    1. Well, if you really are Ty Shesky, I apologize for calling you dorky. I myself am a HUGE dork. Anyways, that night you really did take Myrna seriously. She was only playing around with you. Okay, I think I have said enough. I hope you are doing well, and do not change for anybody. Peace!

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