Memories of KDBC Channel 4:Jesse Blanco and Robert Bettes

Jesse Blanco aka Jesse White. Where do I begin? Okay. Jesse Blanco was hired by KDBC in the spring or summer of 2006. He pretty much took Shelton Dodson’s position, after Shelton had a meltdown and left to take anger management classes for the next ten years! So Mr.Blanco was co-anchoring with Nicole Ayoub and her reading disability/disabilities. (That sounded like tons of fun with a hot dog bun.) After viewing Mr.Blanco interact with Ayoub and Bettes for the next two years, I realized that Jesse truly hated working for KDBC, and also hated living in El Paso. The look on Jesse’s face pretty much said this “OH SHIT! What did I get myself into?” But in all honesty, I think one thing that Jesse really hated was Robert Bettes. Every time Robert acted like a fool on camera, Jesse’s eyes would fill with rage, and veins would pop out all over his body. Seriously! Jesse could not stand Robert at all. What was really hilarious were Jesse’s verbal responses to Robert’s old and tired antics. Eventually, Jesse left KDBC in late 2008. His wife Shelia Parker, spent a few more weeks at KDBC after his departure. I am currently searching for clips of Jesse Blanco and Robert Bettes interacting with each other. If I find something, I will post it ASAP! So where is Jesse Blanco now? Well, he is currently living in Savannah, Georgia, and is the host of a food TV show titled “Eat it and Like It.” Jesse looks very happy and relaxed in his role of TV show host and anchor. As for Robert Bettes, he is currently annoying Amber Downing(Another one that looks like she hates being here, I do not blame her!) on KDBC aka KTBC 4.


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