Moustafa Ismail has GROSS and Unnatural looking arms!

There is no way in hell that Moustafa Ismail has natural/real muscles. The only way that you can develop biceps and triceps like his, is with the help of a chemical known as Synthol. This creep is nothing more than a Gregg Valentino clone. At least with Gregg, he worked out and had a nice physique. It appears to me as if this guy has never done a hardcore workout. Somebody needs to investigate this Ismail douche bag ASAP. HE does not deserve to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. I thought that the Guinness Book of World Records always investigated all claims and records thoroughly? I guess not. If they are going to allow this dirtbag into the records, then they also need to add Gregg Valentino’s name to the book. Moustafa Ismail and his ugly synthol arms need to crawl back to Douche City right this minute.


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