Should You live on or off Campus? Another Piece of College Advice!


So what should you do? When I left home to attend college in a different state, living on campus was required if you were under the age of 21. Thinking back, that does not sound right or even legal. I have to talk to my lawyer about that ASAP! Okay, let me get back to the question/topic at hand, it really depends on your needs. If you enjoy having privacy, and not having to deal with annoying R.A.s, then you should find some type of housing away from campus. Or if you love to throw parties every weekend, then you should look for an apartment/house. Now if you love not having to drive or walk long distances to your classes, then you should stay on campus. Actually that is the only good reason for living on campus. Living off campus was something that I always wanted to do. I never moved off campus for this reason, and this reason alone. A majority of the apartments and homes that were available, carried a high monthly rent payment. When my sophomore year was approaching, I decided to go apartment/house hunting on my own. The cheapest apartment that was available had one bedroom, one bath, and a small kitchen/living room. The monthly rent payment was $500 dollars a month, and the only utility that was included was gas. What makes me laugh is that this was in the fall of 2001, in a small town in NM. The most expensive place was a cottage that charged damn near $1,00o dollars a month. What surprises me is that who can afford to pay 500 to 1000 dollars a month for rent, especially in a small town where the average yearly salary is $32,000 dollars. So that is why I never left campus housing. But for the people that have the money, or friends that are willing to pay for at least half of the rent, move off campus ASAP.


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