Who is Managing KTSM?

Who is the highly intelligent individual that placed Dan O’Rourke and Jackie Crea on the weekends? Dan O’Rourke should have been paired with Amber Downing for the weekday newscast. Adrienne Alvarez and the New Guy should have been placed on the weekends. What else can I say! Just because a person is young and hot, does not necessarily mean that you are going to increase viewership! The only thing that I like about Adrienne is that she is a good looking woman, other than that, she is annoying. It sounds as if someone placed a clothespin on her nose. Can somebody please give her about two tablespoons of allergy medication! She needs to do something about her nasal problems or allergies! Jackie Crea and Alexa Helms need to host 6:30-7:00 p.m. portion of the news. They can call it 30 Minutes with two hot chicks! KTSM really needs to re-evaluate this current arrangement that they created. If KTSM truly believes that this is a good thing, then they are sadly mistaken. No wonder KVIA is kicking KTSM’s ass!


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