The number one thing that you should do while you are attending College is……..

Keep each and every piece of paperwork that is returned to you. I am being very serious about this. Financial aid/loan, graded research papers, tests, on campus housing documents, if it is related to college, then you need to save it. Do not think about disposing any college related documents! When I was a freshman in college, a certain housing director prevented me from retaining my original suite/dorm room. According to her, I never turned in the paperwork that would have allowed me to retain my original housing arrangement from the previous semester. As God is my witness, I turned in that document with my signature and a date. Since I supposedly never turned in that document, I was placed in an entirely new suite with new roommates. I could not believe it. Here is another thing that I would like to add, you should also have someone sign a piece of paper stating that your documents/paperwork was received by someone in that department. Never throw any important college paperwork in the trash. My suggestion to you, is that you purchase a plastic file box with labeled folders at Office Depot or at good ole’ Wal-Mart. You can purchase one for about twelve dollars. Once you purchase it, place all of your documents in it ASAP! This should prevent you from being screwed over by a bitter college staff member. Peace!


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