Mayor of Las Cruces files for Divorce

Why did Mr.Miyagashima announce this personal information to the public? Do we really care about Mr.Miyagashima’s personal life? I would have to say no! Well, while we are on the subject of Mayor Miyagashima, I would like to tell you a brief story about him. About two years ago, I was shopping at the one and only Lowe’s hardware store in Las Cruces. I cannot recollect as to why I was shopping there, was I searching for plants? Anyways, I see Mr.Miyagashima and his wife in the garden section at Lowe’s. To make a short story even shorter, they were arguing over which plants to purchase for their home. Seriously! That is the only story that I have  about the Mayor of Las Cruces. What were you guys expecting? A real juicy tabloid story?


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