Denise Olivas=Horrible Anchor/Reporter!

Yes, I said it! Denise Olivas of KVIA is a horrible anchor/reporter. She is at least fifty times worse than Marissa Monroy. At least Marissa Monroy was improving towards the end of her career at KVIA. But with Denise it is the complete opposite. Denise should be given the task of getting people their coffee and donuts. I heard a rumor that the only reason as to why she was hired is because one of her relatives works or worked at KVIA. I have no idea as to whether this is true or not. One would think that after two to three years she would no longer make such big mistakes that are usually executed by newbies. Denise needs to stay away from the camera for a year, and should practice in front of a mirror like Marissa Monroy did. I am sorry for saying this, but Denise you need to stay behind the scenes for now. Seriously!



  1. I totally agree with this; 100%, she is just not up to par and has had a long time to get it together but she keeps fumbling her words and annoys my family when watching her. We actually get embarrassed for her and wish she would just stop trying to make small talk because she cannot even get that right. I feel sorry for her and do agree with above statement she really needs to do some more on spot reporting and feel comfortable on the camera. Perhaps then, she will attain confidence in front of the camera and be articulate. I think poor Mat and all the others working with her are perturbed by her continued blunders it just makes them look uncomfortable. I think I have said enough. I was hoping someone would say something so they could replace her on weekends.

    1. They will not replace her for this reason, she is related to someone that works or worked at KVIA. I was finally given a name of the person that she is related to. But I am not going to release it yet. Oh and another thing, thank you for agreeing with me, and for being a reader of The City Workshop.

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