Another what happened to entry:Pizza Hut and their horrible Pizza!

The only thing that I can say about Pizza Hut, is that their pizza no longer tastes or resembles a Pizza Hut pizza. It was around 2010, that I realized Pizza Hut was headed towards a downward spiral. The pizza that was ordered, was a ten dollar large pepperoni. After taking a few bites of this GREAT pizza, it appeared to me that I was eating a Tombstone pizza instead of a Pizza Hut pizza! I had to double check the box just to make sure that it really was from Pizza Hut. It definitely was a Pizza Hut pizza! Why after so many years, would Pizza Hut change their recipe? After eating that horrible excuse for a Pizza Hut pizza, I decided to give The Hut one more chance. Two weeks later another pie was ordered from Pizza Hut. Oh boy! It was the same cardboard taste and lack of toppings(cheese) from some weeks before. Okay. Let me be the nice guy again, and this time I will order from a different location. I did  exactly that. There was no difference in taste or in appearance. What is the deal with Pizza Hut? Pizza Hut used to be the pizza king in the 80s,90s, and early 2000s. As a kid growing up in the late 1980s, I always looked forward to eating a pie from The Hut! Not anymore! Do you want to hear something funny or should I say shocking? Little Caesar’s five dollar hot and ready tastes ten times better than a large pie from Pizza Hut. You know what, everything that Little Caesar’s has to offer is fifty times better than what Pizza Butt has to offer! The only thing Pizza Hut has going for them is their buffet, and even that is going down in quality. Peace!


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