Chuck E. Cheese is Ver E. Gross!

Never ever visit a Chuck E.Suck Pizza!

Somebody needs to explain to me as to how Chuck E Cheese has been able to survive in the restaurant game for so many years.  The very first time I visited Chuck E.Cheese was in 1989. At the age of six, I had no clue as to what a Chuck E.Cheese looked like or smelled like. The only thing that I can recall about that one and only visit is that the pizza tasted like a combo of Kraft cheese singles and Great Value tomato sauce on top of a piece of cardboard! That basically describes the taste of Chuck E.Cheese pizza. After that visit in 1989, my parents and I visited Peter Piper Pizza and Godfather’s exclusively. In 2008, a friend of mine visited the Chuck E.Cheese on Gateway West with his girlfriend and ten kids. According to him the pizza has not even slightly changed. Oh well. The only thing that I can say is that if you are going to treat your kid or kids to pizza, just take them to Peter Piper or Pizza Hut. Please do not torture them with Chuck E. Suck Pizza, only treat them to it as a punishment for acting like brats. Peace!


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