It came from the 1980s:Giggles Cookies from Nabisco!

As a young child growing up in the late 1980s, I was exposed to a wide variety of food, bad clothing, cool shoes, and horrible day care workers! One food item that I remember very well is a cookie product by the name of Giggles from Nabisco. I believe that these cookies were introduced to the public around the late 1970s or early 1980s. I am not sure. All that I know is that I remember seeing them at my local Bag N Save in 1988. At that time I was only five years old, and I hated Kindergarten with a passion. For those people that have no clue as to what a Bag N Save is, I will create a future post/entry later on. Anyways, my favorite type of Giggles were the fudge and vanilla combo. At the age of five, I remember thinking to myself,”These cookies are AWESOME”. So what did giggles cookies taste like? The filling tasted similar to an Oreo filling, and the cookie tasted like shortbread.  They really were a tasty cookie. Eventually the cookies were discontinued sometime around the early 1990s. If anybody has an exact date as to when they were introduced and discontinued, please let me know. I eventually forgot about Giggles cookies up until 2006. At that time I was only 22 years old and fresh out of college. I believe I was on the website Retro Junk, and somebody brought up giggles cookies along with a description of them on a post. Within a matter of seconds, I was having flashbacks about Bag N Save and giggles cookies. At that time, there was hardly any info on Giggles cookies on the net. Now in 2012, there is a little more info on these awesome cookies. I believe that if Nabisco were to reintroduce these cookies to the public, they would sell like crazy.





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  1. I loved those cookies!!!! Every time I ask people if they remember it, they don’t! Lol…. Thank you for acknowledging them! I wish nabisco would bring them back….

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