Ann Curry is a BIG cry baby!

I really do like Ann, but why is she crying? She still has a high paying  job with NBC! And to top it all off, they are going to pay her 10 million dollars, to just leave the Today show! I wish somebody would give me 10 million for doing absolutely nothing! Peace!



  1. crying pulls sympathy, poor ann curry, no, rich ann curry , she still has a very high paying job,what is she crying about?

  2. I too think Ann is being a Big Cry Baby. Maybe even a publicity ploy for sombody’s new book regarding morning shows. I worked at a TV satation for years….it was KTVL (incidentally Ann’s first TV station)…although I did not work with her. Antics such as “who wore it better Big Bird or Ann” are hillarious and very common place, as well as “blooper” reels. We could count on every Christmas party to have a huge blooper reel compiled from the years bloopers from anchors, reporters and anybody else whom worked there and recorded anything. Since I didn’t witness Ann’s “torture” I can only assume there are worse examples than those I’ve read about.

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