New Mexico and their New Ad Campaign:New Mexico True aka New Mexico False!


What do you guys honestly think of the recent State of New Mexico tourism ads that are being shown on TV? Have they convinced you to pack your bags and visit New Mexico anytime soon? The only thing that I can say is that I am not impressed with the ad campaign. The TV ads do not show everything that New Mexico has to offer. Did they not have enough time to create better TV spots? What happened to the shots of the Gila, Ruidoso, Taos, and Santa Fe? According to various news sources, the State of New Mexico hired an ad agency from Texas to create this poor excuse of an ad campaign. The funny thing about this whole situation is that millions of tax dollars were spent on these ads. Can the State of New Mexico ask for a refund?   Anyways, the website is slightly better than the TV spots. You can find a few more videos and pics of various locations in NM on the site. I really am disappointed in everything that this ad agency created. It seems to me that they hardly put any effort into creating the whole ad campaign. How long did it really take them to create this horrible campaign? Does anybody know?


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