The Chew needs to be Chewed up and Spit out into a Toilet!

The Chew needs to be cancelled ASAP!

View this instead of The Chew!

I really am having a hard time with viewing ABC’s latest show The Chew. If I want to watch an entertaining cooking show, I will watch Ingrid Hoffmann in her sexy tops showing off her nice cleavage. Is this show really presenting anything new or entertaining to the public? I seriously doubt it! The only thing that I have learned or gathered from watching this show is that the creators and producers of this crap probably owed Dr.Oz a favor. That is why his annoying daughter has been allowed to grace the set of The Chew. Another thing that I noticed is that Carla Hall looks like a man in drag! She should change her name to Charles Hall! I know that I am being very immature, but this show really is HORRIBLE! Each and every silly host talks over each other, and the guests appear as if they are bored or do not want to be in that studio! IN all honesty, the only one that I can somewhat stand is Mario Batali. This burly bastard had to work his ass off in order to get to the top! I know for a fact that it must be very frustrating seeing somebody like Daphne Oz get almost everything handed to her. And lets be honest here, if it wasn’t for her father she would not be on The Chew. Seriously though, soap operas are not my thing, but All My Children  and reruns of it are a lot more entertaining than The Chew. Hell, evenstaring at a plain white ceiling is more entertaining than watching The Chew! Peace!


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