Cloud storage is for Dorks!

Oh the great big old cloud on the net! Why would anyone want to store their personal information or private photos on a server/computer that they do not own? Your most personal or private moments should be stored in your mind/brain, not on a hard drive or a piece of removable media. We as a society have become way too dependent on social media, smartphones, and modern day technology in general. We need to live in a more simple world and reduce our use of these devices and services. Do we really need a phone that can do everything imaginable? Do we really need to let the world know that we just took a number two and ate a big bucket of chicken on Facebook? Seriously people, we need to get our act together!

Writer’s Block has struck The City Workshop!

Here at The City Workshop, we have developed Writer’s Block! It can be attributed to the fact that we no longer care about the local or national media. Seriously! How many times can you write about this anchor or that reporter, and the stories/reports that are filled with inaccuracies? Actually, we have yet to write about any reports or stories that are filled with half truths or lies. That is one thing that we should have done. Actually we wrote a few entries, but decided to scrap them. They were long and a bit on the boring side. So as far as anchors, reporters, and weather heads are concerned, we will no longer write or criticize them on this site. Instead, we will create parody videos and cartoons of them, and upload them to Youtube. I am sure that you are thinking to yourself, why are you doing this? Writing about your favorite anchor/reporter just became old to us. We will now focus our attention on actual news stories, Hollywood d-bags, and d-bags that hold powerful positions. Every now and then we will present a few true stories like we always have in the past and present.


We have one more entry that we are working on, it will be the last and final entry related to news anchors and reporters. It should be posted before Tuesday. If you have questions about an anchor, reporter, or a news station, I will be more than happy to answer them. Well, take care everyone, and never give up on your dreams or goals!




Louie Del Rio is……………………..

One annoying mofo! Has anybody seen this guy do a sports segment? As God is my witness, this dork cannot remain still for ten seconds! He has a tendency to move around a lot like a fish out of water! Seriously! He keeps on moving his upper body from side to side, and it also appears that he his fidgeting with papers or his crotch! Is this guy on speed or is he just nervous? Oh another thing that I noticed is that his face has a red flushed appearance. So maybe he is on something? Who knows? You be the judge! Anyway, Collin Carroll should have been given the weekday sports position, not this nervous thirty something with a teeny bopper hairdo! As much as Collin’s news reports annoy me, he is a better sports anchor/sports reporter than Louie “Speed Head” Del Rio! I honestly thought that Collin would be given Asher’s old position. Well I should not get worked up over this guy and neither should you! He will probably spend a year or less here, and will eventually get a position in Miami as Tony Montana’s supply tester! Peace!

What in the hell is “Social News”?

A few weeks ago I made the decision to view the KFOX Morning News. Upon turning on the TV, a new segment titled “Social News” appeared. Social news? Really? What is difference between the news and social news? The news is the news right? If I want to know as to what is occuring on the net, I can always visit YouTube or Yahoo. This “Social News” segment is hilarious in my opinion. Melissa Gundersen should have refused to accept this position. As I have said before about Nichole Gomez, Melissa’s talent is being squandered on stupidity. Melissa should be out and about covering real news stories, whether they be local or national. Who gives two poops about social media or some dork that made a video about freezing his or her butt hairs? Peace!

Nichole Gomez and her Talents are being Squandered on doing the Stupid Weather!

I said it! Nichole has so much potential that it is not even funny! She has half the credentials and experience that her fellow co-workers have and she does a better job at reporting than most of them! If KVIA were to drop Stephanie Valle as the lead anchor for the CW News at 9 and replace her with Nichole, I would watch again! Or better yet, why not drop Denise Olivas from the midday show, and place Nichole in her seat! I swear that most people at KVIA have their heads up their asses! Reflecting on her time spent at KDBC aka KTSM, Nichole executed a few excellent reports/stories during her three to four year stint. It really is a shame that Nichole has been relagated to doing the weather and filling in for Doppler Dong or for Red Headed Monster Karla Smellga!