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Ten Illustrators To Follow Now

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From sketches to digital art narratives, here’s a visual journey into the worlds of ten illustrators on WordPress.com.

Brad Young

The drawings at Brad Young Art capture life’s little moments. From pen and ink to watercolor, and gardening to food to neighborhood spots, it’s easy to get lost sifting through Brad’s mix of doodles and sketches.

Sarah Goodreau

Sarah Goodreau, an illustrator living in Amsterdam, has a distinct style marked with the warmth you’ll find in children’s picture books, as well as the mystery of surrealist landscapes. In addition to illustration, Sarah is interested in video and stop-motion animation.

Marc Taro Holmes

At Citizen Sketcher, Montreal-based artist Marc Taro Holmes chronicles his location sketching, travel drawing, and plein air painting. His work-in-progress is refreshing, from airy landscapes to spirited pieces full of movement. When viewing his work, you can picture his…

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Louie Del Rio is……………………..

One annoying mofo! Has anybody seen this guy do a sports segment? As God is my witness, this dork cannot remain still for ten seconds! He has a tendency to move around a lot like a fish out of water! Seriously! He keeps on moving his upper body from side to side, and it also appears that he his fidgeting with papers or his crotch! Is this guy on speed or is he just nervous? Oh another thing that I noticed is that his face has a red flushed appearance. So maybe he is on something? Who knows? You be the judge! Anyway, Collin Carroll should have been given the weekday sports position, not this nervous thirty something with a teeny bopper hairdo! As much as Collin’s news reports annoy me, he is a better sports anchor/sports reporter than Louie “Speed Head” Del Rio! I honestly thought that Collin would be given Asher’s old position. Well I should not get worked up over this guy and neither should you! He will probably spend a year or less here, and will eventually get a position in Miami as Tony Montana’s supply tester! Peace!

What in the hell is “Social News”?

A few weeks ago I made the decision to view the KFOX Morning News. Upon turning on the TV, a new segment titled “Social News” appeared. Social news? Really? What is difference between the news and social news? The news is the news right? If I want to know as to what is occuring on the net, I can always visit YouTube or Yahoo. This “Social News” segment is hilarious in my opinion. Melissa Gundersen should have refused to accept this position. As I have said before about Nichole Gomez, Melissa’s talent is being squandered on stupidity. Melissa should be out and about covering real news stories, whether they be local or national. Who gives two poops about social media or some dork that made a video about freezing his or her butt hairs? Peace!

Shawn James tells you the Truth about College Education!


I swear that Shawn James is the next Byron Crawford! This guy can write his ass off! Excuse me for using a cliche, but it is the truth! If you have the time visit his site! While you are there, read the entry that is titled Lies We were told about what A college education Will do for You. It really is an excellent read.